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Frequently Asked Questions = F.A.Q.'s

Who are we?

Highwood Outdoor Pool Day Camp is a moderately structured community run day camp at the Highwood Outdoor Pool facility. Highwood Outdoor Pool is a member of the Calgary Outdoor Pool Association (COSPA). We provide an opportunity for children in Highwood and the surrounding communities to come to our outdoor day camp to swim, play games, socialize, create craft projects, keep fit, learn about water safety, and most of all have FUN!! During inclement weather, camps will move indoors.

Is swimming included as part of my child’s camp experience?

Yes.  Full day campers and AM 1/2 day campers will participate in Red Cross Lessons. Full day campers, afternoon 1/2 day campers and drop in day campers will join us for public swimming. All full day or AM campers participating in 3 or more lessons will receive an evaluation card. (with badge upon Level completion).

Do you pro-rate the camp fee or trade/make up days if my child misses a day?

No. In an effort to maintain reasonable camper to counselor ratios we cannot make up or trade days.

What is HOP Day Camp’s refund policy?

No Cash refunds will be given. All refunds will be made by HOP cheque mailed to the address listed on the Day Camp Registration form unless your original debit/credit receipt is produced. We reserve the right for a 30-day grace period for all refunds.

Cancellation - If our program is cancelled for any reason by HOP, your child may transfer to another week that is running or receive a full refund.

Withdrawals – All withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the Pool Manager at the pool office.

  1. Notification of withdrawal must be received in writing by the Pool Manager at least 72 hours of the first day of camp to receive a full refund minus a $25.00 admin fee.
  2. If withdrawal occurs within 72 hours of the first day of camp, there will be no refund of any fees paid, instead a credit will remain on file for the remainder of the 2020 season so that camper may enjoy camp another week.
  3. After camp start, or you fail to show up, there will be no refund or credit of any fees paid.

Transfers - Parents may change their children from one type of camp to another in the same week (i.e.-from full day to 1/2 day) upon availability. If hours are decreased no refund will be issued. If hours are increased, the extra time will be charged. All transfers are subject to availability.

Medical Circumstances – Medical withdrawals with a Dr. note prior to camp start are fully refunded minus an admin fee of $25.00.  After start of camp with a Dr.s note, the refund is prorated + the $25.00 admin fee. 

Child's Exclusion Due to Illness - Children should not be sent to camp if they are exhibiting the following:

1. Illness that prevents them from participating comfortably in all camp activities.

2. Fever, or symptoms such as lethargy, constant crying, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, and vomiting.

If children come to camp ill, or become ill after arriving at camp, parents will be called to pick them up.

* No refunds will be issued for children dismissed from camp or withdrawn after parents were notified either verbally or in writing about behavior issues.

Do You Provide Fee Assistance?

Fee assistance will apply to full day all week camps only. Assistance is a $75.00 discount off regular camp fee upon registration with proof of assistance. There is no discount on before or after care fees.

Is HOP Day Camp a peanut / nut free camp?

No. HOP Day Camp is a peanut / nut aware camp. This means that we ask parents to abstain from sending in any food containing peanuts / nuts to camp. This includes (but is not limited to) peanut butter sandwiches or crackers, peanut butter cookies, trail mixes, candy containing peanut butter, and peanut snacks. However because HOP is a public facility we cannot guarantee that HOP is a peanut or nut free environment 100% of the time.

What is the medication policy?

Due to the short time that the children are present, medication will NOT be administered or distributed unless an emergency situation demands it (i.e.Ventalin, or Epi-Pen); emergency medication will only be administered with written permission from parent or guardian (on registration form). All medication must be clearly labeled, in original container and handed in to the camp leader.

What does my Child Bring to camp?

All children SHOULD attend camp with a backpack containing the following:

  • Sweater & pants (for cooler mornings)
  • Hat
  • Water bottle (labeled with child's name)
  • Swimsuit & towel and last swim lesson progress card
  • Lunch & 2 snacks (or a maximum of $10.00 for concession for afternoon snack)
  • Emergency medication i.e. - Epi-pen/Ventalin(placed in plastic zip-lock bag clearly labeled with child's name)
  • Book or small toy for down time if needed
  • Spray on sunscreen and insect repellant in original containers clearly labeled with your child's name (Parents should supervise an application of sunscreen in the am before arriving at camp.  Campers will be reminded to re-apply throughout the day.  Staff will assist a camper with sunscreen if camper requests.)

What NOT to bring:

  • Valuables or electronics
  • Peanuts or nut products
  • More than $10.00 for snacks


How does Drop-off and Pick-up work, and what are the Before & After care terms?

Parents will be given a 5 minute grace period for drop-off and pick-up at camp start and end. Camp start is at 8:30AM and camp ends at 4:30PM. Parents arriving outside of those times will be charged the before care fee of $5.00 or after care fee of $2.50 per use per child.  We request that all before and after care is booked and paid in advance.

Before care runs from 7:30 to 8:30AM, after care runs from 4:30 to 5:00PM (no grace is available)  All drop off and pick up will be at the Highwood Outdoor Pool.  Please check in with DayCamp staff at the pool office counter or in the front fenced green space. 

Parents are asked not to drop off or leave children unattended outside the pool, hall, park, or playground.  They must be signed in and out of our care each day unless alternate arrangements have been made with the Sr. Day Camp Supervisor. Parents are also asked to ensure that children arrive promptly for camp start. This will enable leaders to better plan activities, crafts and swim times.

What are the camper behavior expectations?

The HOP Day Camp focus is based on the staff providing positive roll models for all campers. It is the expectation of HOP Day Camp that all enrolled campers will be able to function within a group environment and make positive behavioral choices that promote an emotional and physically safe environment. We wish to maintain a high level of safety and comfort for all our campers and inappropriate behavior is not conductive to this environment.

At the Highwood Outdoor Pool Day Camps, we strive to prevent conflict and frustrations by providing an environment that is comfortable and fun for the children in a group setting. Rules and acceptable behavior are discussed at the beginning of the week and all of the children are made aware of what is expected of them. Rules are such as a school environment that include but do not limit:

  • Hands, feet, objects to themselves.
  • Use of appropriate language
  • No putting others down
  • Ask permission to leave the designated camp area
  • Cooperation and respect towards leaders, lifeguards, and other campers

Although our goal is to be conflict free, occasionally children may still become frustrated and disagree with a leader or another child at camp. If a child’s behavior becomes unsafe or unacceptable, discipline is necessary.
If these situations arise, the following actions will be taken:

  1. Step 1:  Verbal Warning - The camper will be cued to inappropriate behaviour, given methods to correct the behaviour, and given a clear consequence (step 2) should he/she choose not to modify the behaviour.
  2. Step 2: Time Out - Limits and guidelines will be discussed again. The camper will be removed from the activity and be given a short time out. At the end of the time out, the child will again be cued to the inappropriate behaviour, given methods to correct the behaviour, and given a clear consequence (step 3).
  3. Step 3: Parent Involvement - If the camper has difficulty controlling his or herself, the parents will be contacted about the situation during the day or during pick-up time. The parents will be warned about (step 4) if the camper does not change his or her behavior.
  4. Step 4: Removal from Camp - If problems persist or the behaviour is severe such as causing intentional harm to others or consistent disruptions of camp activities, the child will be removed from the program for the day or the rest of the week.

* No refunds will be issued for children dismissed from camp or withdrawn after parents were notified either verbally or in writing about behavior issues.

*Please note: Although these procedures are taken, different situations may require different discipline. The camp leader can skip or modify any procedure for different situations at any time if they feel it is necessary.

Any questions, comments, concerns may be directed to the pool manager at 403-221-3574.